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The Best Coffee Shops in New York City

New York City boasts with an array of coffee shops; therefore, we have condensed the list of the most outstanding ones to help you choose ideal cafes and espresso bars for your convenience. Irrespective of your most preferred coffee flavors, the following are some of the best coffee shops in New York City that will ensure you enjoy your stay in City that Never Sleeps.

Little Skips

Located at 941 Willoughby Avenue, Little Skips boasts with delightfully sweetened cappuccino that you can choose to take with condensed milk. This rustic and attractive spot stands out as a caffeine haven for many tourists and travelers who pass through the day-to-day hurly-burly of Manhattan town. Do not forget to try the “Bomb Latte’ or the “Turkey Brie Sammie” and then thank me later.

Voyager Espresso

Situated along 110 William Street inside a subway station, this sleek, ultramodern coffee shop focuses on providing its customers with a far superior and memorable coffee experience compared to other rival shops. With great employees and reasonably priced menus, Voyager Espresso also provides visitors with a modest list of options, which include chia pudding, smoothies and gourmet toasts to complement their amazingly tasty espressos.

Birch Coffee

Birch is constantly crowded with coffee lover because of various reasons. This attractive coffee shop boast with high energy and peaceful atmosphere, along with excellent coffee and accompanying tunes. “Kill it Today, #birchlovesyou” is the reassuring message that its staff have displayed on the board for visiting customers. The high-end coffee bar offers customers high quality coffee that keeps throngs of people coming back for more every day. The Kyoto drip iced coffee stands out among the rest of its tremendous flavors, so ensure you try it out.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Located it two strategic locations in NYC: Ace Hotel New York and Greenwich Village, the Portland, Oregon’s artisan coffee houses serve their customers not only with espresso-based drinks, but also with cold-brew coffees and French-press. Other amazing offerings include drip coffee, full espresso bar, as well as brew-by-the-cup offerings.

El Rey

This remarkable coffee shop stands out because of its stylishness in such a way that one can confuse it for a cocktail bar. The ambience that it exhumes blends perfectly with the friendly service offered by the staff, which evidently goes with the contents of the cup. You should opt to visit El Rey during the afternoons for an excellent view of the sun, as it streams its golden rays through the windows facing 100 Stanton Street.

Culture Espresso

If you always have a yearning for coffee that come exquisitely prepared and poured into beautiful glassware, then you will enjoy visiting Culture Espresso during your stay in NYC. Their menu includes drip coffee and a solid cortado, which gives this stylish enclave, located close to Bryant Park, an edge over many coffee shops in the region. The café also serves its visitors with Kyoto coffee during warmer months. Choose Culture Espresso because it stands out among the many chain stores near the park.

Even though New York City has a wide range of amazing coffee shops, their locations can prove to be difficult to navigate unless you get specific insights about them. If you have plans to travel to NYC and you feel that you want to have your favorite morning cappuccino, the abovementioned coffee shops will help you focus on your best selections in the region.

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