Things to Do In New York

new york city

New York has several things to do. You will never get bored after you decide to travel to New York. If you love museums, there are several in New York where you can spend hours with your loved ones. There are some tourist attraction sites which are suitable for family outings; you should carry out your research and know such places so that you will always enjoy your time when traveling to New York with your family members. If you love architecture, then you will not be let down after you decide to spend your vacation in New York. It has plenty of old as well as new design for you to enjoy watching during your New York tour.

Things to do in New York

1.Visit Nitehawk Cinema

If you love horror movies, you can spend some of your nights at the cinema. Apart from offering an extensive collection of midnight movies, it is a favorite spot for you to enjoy mom activity on Tuesdays. Mothers with children under one year are allowed to enjoy entertainment aimed to make them enjoy life. You will have an experience which you will enjoy sharing with your loved ones.

2. The Tenement Museum

If you love what is going on at the museum, you can take a guided tour for you to enjoy your evening. The museum makes it easy for you to understand the immigrant life in New York. The guided tour allows you to learn more about the immigrant population from the mid-1800s. Before it was declared a museum, it was a home of working class Germans, Irish, Italian and Jewish families.

3. Brooklyn Bridge

You may have seen the bridge on social sites. If you have never been to New York, then it is a place you need to stroll across. It is a romantic place where you can spend time with your partner strolling across. The original designer of the bridge died during is construction. It took 600 builders to piece the bridge together for fourteen years. It is an icon landmark for the city which has stood since 1883.

4. Wonder Wheel Amusement Park

The wooden wheel makes the amusement a place you need to spend some time when in New York. The entertainment wheel has been in place for over 96 years. It will make you stay amazed. Eccentric Ferris Wheel Company built it. The steel was forged in Bethlehem in the 1920s; it is a spectacular landmark for you to create a long lasting memory with your loved ones. It offers the best view of the ocean and the park.

5. Visit Brooklyn botanical gardens

It is a place where you can attend the famous Cherry Blossom Festival. The elements of Japanese culture are plenty. It makes you feel as if you are in spring. It is a sight worth seeing. Japanese Sakura Matsuri with Kabuki dance is celebrated at the gardens. You will have a long lasting memory after you attend the remarkable festival. Other ceremonies at the place include Manga cosplay, tea ceremony, and cherry blossom. For those who love animals, Bronx Zoo Wildlife Conservation Society will make them learn about different animals in New York.